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How to Purchase Your First Cryptocurrency

3 minutes simple tutorial that gives you you clear understanding how to buy your first cryptocurrency with just a few clicks

Learn how to buy Bitcoin for the first time with:


Step 1:

Download the app from:


Step 2:

Create and account, confirm email, phone number and verify your identity with government issued ID (this may take up to 3 business days)


Step 3:

Open the app again, click on trade, then Buy.


Step 4:

Choose Bitcoin as the currency you would like to select. ​


Step 5:

Select the amount of Bitcoin you would like to purchase. This will show you the cash equivalent of Bitcoin you are going to purchase. Remember you do not have to purchase an entire Bitcoin, you can invest in just a sliver.


Step 6:

Confirm the purchase of Bitcoin. Congratulations you have just purchased Bitcoin with You have started your journey into the future of money.

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