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Classes on blockchain and the industry


Strategic Locations in Miami and New York

10 000+

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Our vision is rooted in education of the decentralized future. We aim to create a virtual community that promotes emerging technology and drives the adoption of decentralized solutions. Our community is composed of investors, developers, policymakers, and entrepreneurs who are helping to build a distributed future.

The Blockchain Center has physical & virtual hubs across the globe for individuals and enterprises to learn about and grow the blockchain sector.

Weekly Events

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6:00 pm EDT

Get a pulse on the latest crypto news from leaders in the space.

Crypto Monday

6:00 pm EDT

Manage your risk and grow your portfolio with professional guidance on technical analysis for crypto.

Trading Tuesday

6:00 pm EDT

Learn about the latest frameworks and blockchain applications that are pushing the industry forward.

Developer Wednesday

6:00 pm EDT

Here from industry leaders and the entreprenuers that are reshaping the decentralized landscape.

Thursdays on the Block

Join our team for games, giveaways, and events.

Virtual Reality Friday

7:00 pm EDT

Total Earning


Join our Sponsored Giveaways for a chance to win $1000 USD. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on current and future giveaways from Blockchain Center and its partners.

SALT Lending Giveaway

Get Certified in The #1 Skill Demanded By Top Companies in 2020

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Join Our Exclusive Blockchain Fundamentals Livestream Seminar Taught By The Nation's Leading Blockchain Instructors at University of California Berkeley.

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